• E-mail grouping
    It will automatically sorts messages according to your predefined grouping conditions (family, friends, workmates or others). While viewing a single group, only messages in conformity with the specific grouping condition will appear in the list. In this way, you can easily manage a large number of messages without the worry of missing importance messages among them.

  • E-mail filter
    By applying Bayesian filter, Friends List, Blacklist, Country Blocking, Encoding Blocking and customizable filters, you can accurately identify useful messages and spam.

  • Quick download and save
    You can download specified messages and attachments from the remote server without waiting for receiving all, and save them into the local Inbox of Outlook or Outlook Express directly.

  • E-mail message tracing
    You can accurately locate the geographic position of sender.

  • Automatic removal of spam
    All unwanted messages can be automatically removed according to your predefined settings, and manual deletion of specified messages is also supported.

  • Quick search
    The built-in search function can assist you to quickly find required messages from all being previewed.

  • New message notify
    Remote accounts can be checked at predefined intervals and you can get informed once new messages arrive.

  • Quick reply
    You can reply to those messages requiring prompt attention at any moment while previewing them.

  • Sharing data of Outlook and others
    Accounts in Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail can be imported, as well as contact lists of Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and MSN Messenger.

  • Multiple accounts
    Various accounts are supported (including POP3, IMAP, Hotmail, and Gmail), as well as SSL.

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